The Dukan Diet

While there are some diets out there that don’t live up to their promises, the Dukan Diet is a diet that is very effective. For those seeking diets that will promote healthy eating habits, jump start weight loss, and create a new lifestyle, the process of finding that ideal diet can often be a difficult one. The Ducan diet may be their answer.

How does the Dukan Diet Work?

Originating in France, the Dukan Diet is just now making its debut in America. Designed by French doctor Pierre Dukan, the diet was designed to assist obese people with their weight loss goals. Unlike some other diet plans that require you to count calories and completely alter your eating habits, the Dukan Diet allows you to eat however much whenever you want. However, when starting the diet, all meals must be lean protein.

The diet is set up so that four-phases of protein intake are included; drinking lots of water and a short daily walk are also required with the diet. The four phases consist of the attack phase, cruise phase, consolidation phase, and the stabilization phase. Each phase has a different purpose and is designed to trigger ultimate weight loss.

Lean protein and assorted vegetables form the diet of the second phase of the Dukan Diet

Lean protein and assorted vegetables form the diet of the second phase of the Dukan Diet

During the attack phase only 72 different meals mainly consisting of lean protein are allowed. Additionally, 1.5 spoons of oat bran must be consumed every day. This phase of the Dukan Diet usually last up to ten days.
During the cruise phase those 72 lean protein meals alter with 28 different vegetables. The daily intake of oat bran is increased to 2 spoons.
The consolotation phase is designed to avoid the well-known yo-yo-effect. Dieters now consume 2.5 spoons of oat bran and in addition to the 100 allowed foods they can now have 2 slices of whole grain bread, 1.4 oz of cheese, and a piece of fruit a day.
The fourth and the last phase of the Ducan Diet allows all foods again. However, once a week the individual has to have a strikt protein day and the daily consumption of oat bran is mandatory.

Is it Designed to Cause Weight Loss?

Yes, the Dukan Diet is designed to cause major weight loss. Experts agree; due to the fact that it cuts calories and carbs, dieters will see weight loss results.

Is it Healthy? What are the Risks?

While the Dukan Diet is designed to get results, some experts feel that it lacks vital nutrients which can make it somewhat unhealthy. Unfortunately, the lack of nutrients can’t be compensated for through vitamins or supplements. Furthermore, the diet is somewhat risky as such rapid weight loss can cause muscle loss and potentially trigger gallstones. Those on the Dukan Diet have reported side effects such as constipation, dry mouth, bad breath, and fatigue.

The Bottom Line:

While the Dukan Diet will allow for rapid weight loss, its meal plan that cuts out essential nutrients to one’s diet can cause unpleasant side effects and health risks.

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