The 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet offers dieters a way to break the boredom of traditional weight loss plans. Dr. Michael Moreno, Dr. Mike, has created a plan that incorporates healthy eating and healthy lifestyle to make weight loss simple and effective.

Behind the 17 Day Diet is the concept of calorie confusion. Dr. Mike believes that by switching up calorie intake, the body becomes confused. Instead of storing fat, the metabolism goes into a state of constant burn allowing the dieter to lose fat. The 17 Day Diet is supposed to help remove plateau frustration from dieting.

Four stages make up the 17 Day Diet. The first three last for 17 days with the fourth being a maintenance phase.

During the Accelerate stage, calorie intake is limited to about 1,200 calories per day. Dieters can lose 10–15 pounds during this stage, but most of this is probably water weight.

The Activate stage brings calorie confusion into effect. Daily oscillations between low and slightly higher calorie plans are used. Five to six pound weight loss can be expected.

The Achieve stage allows the body to recover and incorporates a greater variety of foods. Weight loss is expected to slow to a rate of two to three pounds.

The final stage of the 17 Day Diet is Arrive. To maintain weight loss, plans from the previous stages are used during the week, while the weekends offer dieters small indulgences.

The 17 Day Diet is only successful when combined with regular exercise

The 17 Day Diet is only successful when combined with regular exercise

Exercise is an important part of the 17 Day Diet. The plan starts with 17 minutes daily, increasing to five hours per week.

The 17 Day Diet should be effective at promoting weight loss, but will take longer than 17 days to reach a dieter’s goal weight. It is a healthy plan that eliminates “bad” foods and replaces them with good ones. The emphasis on both diet and exercise is a healthy way to encourage weight loss.

Dieters can remove some of the boredom associated with losing weight with the 17 Day Diet. While most likely effective, it will take time and commitment to work.

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