A Diet for Everyone

The word diet generally implies limiting the intake of food. A true definition of the word diet is what anyone eats throughout the day, the week, the month or the year. The act of taking in food is a diet. Is it a good diet or a lousy one? That really is the question that needs to be answered. If people are to become healthy and carry an acceptable amount of fat, then it matters what a person eats.

There are different types of bodies with different metabolisms for various and sundry reasons. Is there a “one size fits all” diet that will produce the ideal body? The ideal body is created through ingesting of food types (calories) and the amount of movement (exercise) a person does. Some people are highly active and burn calories at a fast rate. Other people are more sedentary and do not burn calories so quickly. It is obvious that these two people cannot eat the same quantity of food.

The best diet is regular and balanced intake of healthy food

The best diet is regular and balanced intake of healthy food

Everyone appears to be looking for the fast weight loss, high fat burning diet or resorting to a starvation diet. Starving oneself does no good. The body just stores more fat in an effort to protect the body and its organs. The only thing that works is eating a diet of well researched, well chosen and well measured foods frequently through the day. This allows the body to relax and burn those extra calories. Frequency is important. Waiting too long between meals tends to promote “gorging” through a sense of panic.

It is wise to cleanse the body prior to beginning any new diet. This will help to create optimal weight loss. When a person cleanses the body first, it allows for greater absorption of nutrients and thus, greater overall satisfaction. Cleansing the body every six months will promote more weight loss. Spring cleaning the body each year and eating a healthy diet will produce longevity and create a more joyful life.

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